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  • H.R. 1200 American Health Security Act

    Expresses the sense of the House of Representatives concerning recognition of health care as a human right.
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  • H.R. 676 the Expanded & Improved Medicare For All Act

    Establishes the Medicare for All Program to provide all individuals residing in the United States and U.S. territories with free health care that includes all medically necessary care, such as primary care and prevention, dietary and nutritional therapies, prescription drugs, emergency care, long-term care, mental health services, dental services, and vision care.
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  • H.R. 1232 Stop Militarizing Law Enforcement Act

    Stop Militarizing Law Enforcement Act Revises the Department of Defense's (DOD's) authority to transfer excess personal property to federal and state law enforcement agencies. Removes DOD's authority to transfer property for counter-drug activities.
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  • H.R. 2972 - Equal Access to Abortion Coverage in Health Insurance (EACH Woman) Act of 2015

    Requires the federal government: (1) to ensure coverage for abortion care in public health insurance programs including Medicaid, Medicare, and the Children's Health Insurance Program; (2) as an employer or health plan sponsor, to ensure coverage for abortion care for participants and beneficiaries; and (3) as a provider of health services, to ensure that abortion care is made available to individuals who are eligible to receive services in its own facilities or in facilities with which it contracts to provide medical care.
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