Seeking Global Security: Rethinking National Security and Defense Policy

With the initiation of the Seeking Global Security project, the Members of the Progressive Caucus are creating intellectual space, with a non-ideological and non-partisan foundation, for policymakers to examine what constitutes real national security for America.  As new security and foreign policy challenges arise and require us to reexamine long-standing national defense problems, the CPC will host periodic briefings and policy discussions that will present a broadly-defined concept of national security brought forth by experts from outside of Congress.  Our goal is to provide a forum to exchange and evaluate competing ideas and insights within the conventional and unconventional security policy community.  Forums, briefings and discussions will be facilitated by moderators and all events will be open to the media. 

The world-changing events of the past two-decades demand a new definition of national security.  We aspire to broaden our collective understanding of today’s threats, examine and compare possible policy choices and include diverse perspectives, both US and international, in determining a path forward.  Our goal is to develop a fresh framework for understanding our national challenges in today’s global security environment.  Here is a working outline for the project:

• Today’s security challenges require political, economic, social and military tools.
• Today’s security policies must address the safety of people across borders, as well as the safety of people within borders.
• These needs are equally important and simultaneous; they must not be posed as trade-offs in policy nor in budgets

With Afghanistan emerging as the first major test in efforts to secure global stability, the Congressional Progressive Caucus has chosen to open Seeking Global Security with a comprehensive, six-part series on Afghanistan.  “Afghanistan: A Road Map For Progress” will initiate our efforts to create a dynamic foreign policy dialogue, covering multiple foreign policy challenges that our nation, the Obama administration and the world must address in creating a safer, more secure global community.

In today’s interconnected world, America’s moral authority increases with the improvement of our own open, democratic system and decreases when our actions are viewed as hypocritical.  Making sure that Congress fulfills its highest aspiration as a co-equal branch of government, by bringing policies in-line with professed ideals, is the ultimate goal of this project.